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Limitless Arms Race

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Image credit to Limitless Mod Co.

The Limitless Mod Co. has been a leader in flawlessly engineered vaping devices, dabbling in everything from mech mods and regulated mods to even cigalikes. With one of its most recent innovations, the Arms Race box mod, Limitless continues to keep the vaping community’s necks craned for the next big thing. So what exactly sets the Arms Race apart from the plethora of other mods out on the market at present? Let’s find out!

The most prominent distinction of the Arms Race is its design, something that Limitless always seems to have down pat. The Arms Race was supposedly fashioned to resemble the magazine of an automatic rifle, sporting a militaristic design with a black, rubberized top half and a digi-camo patterned bottom half. The top of the box mod and the fire button feature a picatinny rail finish which serve to heighten the aesthetic appeal. The standard spring-loaded 510 thread can fit up to 25 mm tanks, and the raised edges around the thread include extra vent holes for improved air flow. The sides are lined by a what appears to be a thin display screens. Beware, though, as only one of these screens—the screen that is to the right of the gilded emblem—actually functions. The one on the left side is just…there. It serves nil purpose in terms of using the device.

Now, as for operating the Arms Race, there is nothing extra gimmicky. Limitless has done its best to keep things simple when using the device. The mod is a dual 18650 powered device that is turned on with five clicks. You can vape in either wattage or temp control (SS, Ni, Ti, and TCR) mode and scroll to 200 watts and 600 Fahrenheit respectively. However, jumping all the way to 200 watts or 600 Fahrenheit may take longer than you’d like. Most mods allow you to jump from low to high within a couple seconds. With the Arms Race, you may wait at least 5 (or more) seconds for the mod reach the desired wattage range. The mod displays your standard vaping info such as the wattage/temperature you are vaping at, resistance of the coils, and battery life. As a simple box mod, the Arms Race does not offer any firmware updates, so the micro USB port located on the bottom is purely intended for charging. The mod also offers a feature called joule mode which will automatically set the optimal temperature for the liquid for you—sounds pretty much like TC mode on steroids.

If you are a vaper concerned with vaping in the latest fashion, then the Arms Race could very well be your next investment. The mod may not be extra fancy but its design is sick and it is as simple as can be to use. Right now, it is going for around $60 online and to an upwards of $90 in stores. 

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